Serving homeowners, architects and builders alike for more than 20 years. Capozzoli Stairworks is a family owned and operated business with a reputation built on integrity. 

a name synonymous with unique staircase and railing designs.

Uniquie designs

   Unique high quality stairway and railing designs require a wide range of materials and the skill set to utilize them effectively. This is where we really shine.  Skilled artisans and craftspeople, a wealth of material and product knowledge and long established relationships with industry partners gives freedom to a wide range of design possibilities. We take a great deal of pride in being able to bring various materials and disciplines together. 


Singular craftsmanship

Let us help you with your design. Whether you are working with an architect or you are working on your own ideas we can help you realize your vision. We love what we do and helping our customers create magnificent individuality, comfort and functionality. Knowing that families will be climbing our products for generations to come is why we love what we do. Please feel free to call us with any questions or if you would like a design concept estimate. 


More options

We have a wide range of pre-engineered designs ready for your project but we also specialize in bespoke designs to our clientele’s singular specifications. We work at a master level with a multitude of materials such as, wood, stone, concrete, glass steel, stainless steel, aluminum and bronze. Being able to bring various materials together turnkey is where we take the lead in the production of outstanding stairways and railings. We span the gap between art and the science of construction.  

We currently install our interior and exterior Stairway and railing products in: PA, NJ, NY, MD

Stairway and railing components and systems available for shipment anywhere in the USA

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