We are dedicated to the advancement of our industry and making designs that are both beautiful and safe. We will also make sure that your project meets all local building codes. With many years of industry experience, and as members of the Stairbuilders and Manufactures Association we have access to a wealth of information and research data.

about building codes

In the United States Building Code/Regulation is relegated by the Federal Government to the States.  Some states have state codes while others further relegate to counties or municipalities as the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHD). Model Building Codes are developed by Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) using a consensus process that includes all parties that have interest. The International Code Council (ICC) is such an organization. The ICC International Codes are the most commonly adopted codes in the US. AHDs start their adoption process by reviewing and often modifying a model code.  It is not until the AHD adopts the code that it becomes law. 

Please click here to see a visual interpretation of the codes set fourth by the IRC for stairways provided by The Stairbuilders and Manufactures Association. 

finding local codes

The ICC maintains a list of adoptions by state on its website in addition to many other helpful aids.   Although every state and the District of Columbia has adopted ICC codes the state adoptions chart will quickly tell you what codes they have adopted and at what level, state or local.  The table is located at this link http://www.iccsafe.org/gr/Documents/stateadoptions.pdf.


An interactive map that illustrates the state adoptions and other related information is HERE!  Please use the above chart for the most current information.


If you find that the applicable code is listed by the state as local then you will need to  look up the locality in the Adoptions by Jurisdiction Chart. You will find a listing of every jurisdiction within each state in this chart http://www.iccsafe.org/gr/Documents/jurisdictionadoptions.pdf


Although the charts are updated regularly you should always verify the Authority Having Jursidiction (AHD) and the codes they have adopted by contacting the AHD. In most cases a Google search for "building codes in    <AHD>    " will lead to a page where the AHD has posted the current codes adopted into law and any modifications made for download.


Free Codes

Many state codes are listed in there entirety on the ICC site.  Those that aren't listed usually post state modifications on their website.  All the ICC Model codes, the ICC code commentaries, and many of the legacy codes are available for viewing (not printable) at this link



We continually strive to perfect our products and custom work. Our associates are trained and certified in stairway building code compliance. We follow a strict code of ethics set forth by the Stairway Manufactures association. Whether using our predesignated products or building a custom project we will work together with you, your architect and or builder,  local township authorities and building code compliance officers to ensure that you have a finished product that is strong, safe and meets all current local building codes. 

If you have any questions regarding building code compliance or any other questions regarding our product please call us!