Like so many things involved with construction and remodeling stairways and railings have their own set of individual intricacies and there are a lot of things to first consider when you plan your stairway and/or railings. A professional stairway company will be there to help throughout the design, fabrication and installation process in order to ensure that your stairway is beautiful, safe and building code compliant.

Important things to consider when planning your stairway project.

When building a new home or remodeling an existing one there are a lot of things to consider. For homeowners looking to undertake a project the first glance can make the task seem overwhelming.  Much like anything of quality though it may not be easy but it is not always as daunting as it first seems. With a good plan and the right professionals you will achieve the results you set out for. The stairway will most likely be the center piece of the interior of your home. Often times it is the focal point when you walk into a home.  The staircase as well as the railings will say a lot about the design of your home. Whether you are considering a traditional wood staircase and balustrade or a contemporary floating open riser stair careful consideration should be given to this area to ensure that you achieve the particular style, functionality and safety you desire

stairs Design and Budget.

There are many different stairway designs to choose from traditional old world woodwork, wrought iron to contemporary floating stairs with cable railings and even glass. The design stage is very important and it gives you time to consider your budget, space and style when coming up with your ideas. A good stairway professional will be able to help you through the process of coming up with a product that fits your budget and purpose.

Safety and Comfort.

The safest and easiest to climb staircases have a landing followed by L-shaped or U-shaped stairs. For stairs that aren’t as tall, some opt to have no landing. Circular staircases look magnificent but can be cumbersome to climb for some. Because the staircase will be a big part of your life and you will no doubt climb it on a daily basis consider the safety and comfort of your family.

Building Codes.

As with all of the aspects of your construction or remodeling project careful consideration should be given to building code compliance in regards to your stairway. Building codes are designed for your safety and the safety of others. Poor building code compliance is not just unsafe it can also cause a lot of problems in the future. When you sell your home the lack of building code compliance can make your house worth less and most local authorities require that a building be code compliant before a sale can be made. Also insurance companies require that a building be code compliant before it can be insured.

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